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Liftmate MA25/75 Semi-Low Profile Pallet Trucks

Liftmate MA25/75 Semi-Low Profile Pallet Trucks

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A standard heavy duty hand pallet truck with the lowered height decreased from 85mm to 75mm. This type of pallet truck has many advantages. It maintains the strength and capacity of a standard MA25 model while allowing for lower pallets.

Product Code Load capacity Raised height Lowered height Width Over Forks Length of Forks
MA25/75-450x900 2500kg 190mm 75mm 450mm 900mm
MA25/75-450x1000 2500kg 190mm 75mm 450mm 1000mm
MA25/75-540x1150 2500kg 190mm 75mm 540mm 1150mm
MA25/75-540x1220 2500kg 190mm 75mm 540mm 1220mm
MA25/75-680x1150 2500kg 190mm 75mm 680mm 1150mm
MA25/75-680x1220 2500kg 190mm 75mm 680mm 1220mm